Our teams

Techniclab Erdmann (TLE)

The Idea:

Techniclab Erdmann (TLE) helps tree nurseries and gardeners to retrofit their business. We offer our customers a cheap and easy retrofitting of their plant productions to make it intelligent and automated without large infrastructure adaptions and save them against crop failure.

For example in the sector watering, tree nurseries have the problem that they only have manual or time controlled systems. There are some buyable automatization systems on the market but they don’t fit the requirements of our SME tree nurseries. They are created for the mass productions or for the home gardening sector. So we fight against this pain, losing earns caused by false caring of plants.

The Team: 

Founded by Niklas Erdmann at beginning of 2016 the team rises until three founders defines the core team. At the event of Arena42 we found further interested team members. Our team won some small pitch contests and it is a member of the working group for startup needs in Heilbronn.

For further information check out: www.techniclab-erdmann.com



The Idea:

Health and fitness are very important nowadays. Many People are regularly attending fitness studios and gyms in order to train. They are willing to pay fees to do so but are limited by the gym’s opening hours.

The idea behind GoFit is to create a public outdoor training area where people can get together, train together and stay fit all the time. It is available 24/7 and completely free. Various easy-to-use training devices (like bars etc.) are provided for many exercises that use one’s own body weight. There are no rules or limitations, just one’s personal way to live the modern trend of Street Workout or Calisthenics with friends.

The Team:

The initial idea came from Artemijs, a student of university of Esslingen, who detected a lack of other possible training areas outside the gym in his near environment. Now the team of four members – all students of Esslingen – are about to establish their first vision of an outdoor training area right in their neighbourhoods.